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Translation of Microsoft PowerPoint files

Microsoft PowerPoint is the world’s most popular software for making and viewing presentations. The program was developed by Forethought in 1987 and later acquired by Microsoft. Since 1993, PowerPoint has been part of the Microsoft Office suite.

The files prepared in the program may have a .PPT or .PPTX extension. The PPTX format was introduced in 2007 and constitutes a text format based on XML marking. The development of a new format was necessitated by the fact that the binary PPT format changed constantly with the introduction of new functions, which caused problems with displaying PPT files in different versions of Microsoft PowerPointand other software.

Translation of PowerPoint files in a visual editor

PPT and PPTX files may be edited directly in Microsoft PowerPoint and in free analogues, for example in OpenOffice Impress. The main disadvantage of using visual editors is that formatting may be distorted by an incautious user.

Translation of PowerPoint files using CAT tools

The PPT and PPTX are supported by the majority of modern translation memory systems. The use of translation memory allows to ensure consistency of the terminology, which is used both when more than one translator is working on a project and when the project has long duration. Segmentation of translated files and their conversion into a bilingual format in translation memory systems provide additional opportunities to automate the quality assurance process. Comparing source and translated segments allows to identify and completely prevent the following errors: errors in numerical data, terminology inconsistency, omissions in translation, different trailing punctuation in the source and target segments, inconsistent translation or different formatting.

The length of the source and target text in different languages is almost never the same, which can affect the way the presentation looks. Once translated, you need to make sure that the text does not overlap images and other captions.

ALBA Translation Agency has extensive experience of working with PowerPoint files. Our specialists can organize a work process on each job in the most optimal and therefore cost-effective manner for our customers.