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Telephone Interpreting Service

Interpreting of phone conversations is organised as a teleconference with the participation of an interpreter. Modern communications equipment and VoIP technology make it possible to organise a conference where the participants reside in different cities or even in different countries. Now it is no longer necessary for the customer to come to the translation agency or for the interpreter to have to charge for travel to the customer’s offices. All that is required of the customer is his phone number and the preferred time of call. Telephone interpreting services can be used for communicating with foreign partners, colleagues, friends or contacts, wherever they are in the world.

The organisation of the interpreting of phone conversations is performed as follows:

1. Our manager collates all the necessary information from you, the customer, including the language pairs which will be used during the interpreting, your phone number and the phone number(s) of your foreign partner(s), as well as the exact time when you plan to conduct the call.

2. At the agreed time the Alba manager calls the participants and the teleconference starts.

A number of different interpreters, between them, specialising in the required range of languages, can be involved simultaneously in the conversation.