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Professional Russian translating and interpreting services.

The Alba Translation Agency offers various Russian translating and interpreting services, each of which has its own peculiarities. We can help you to translate texts of any complexity from English, French, German or almost any other language into Russian and vice versa.

Technical Russian translation

Technical Russian translation is rightly considered as one of the most difficult, yet most common types of translation. To translate technical documents one needs not only a perfect knowledge of appropriate lexicology and terminology but also an understanding of the details of those technical processes and systems referred to in the original text. Without these, high quality translation is impossible. Only a translator with a proven track record and solid technical understanding can provide the highest standards of technical Russian translation. The majority of professional translators specialize in certain fields. Our agency employs highly skilled translators with substantial experience in the translation of texts on pharmaceuticals, medicine, machine building, construction, law, economics, IT, car manufacture, etc.

Legal Russian translation: translation of contracts

The major feature of high quality legal translation is the obligatory adaptation of the text to the particulars of the legal system and legislation of the country in which the translation will be used. Even a slight misinterpretation of one sentence in a contract can cause confusion, frustration and, possibly, huge costs to your business. The wording for this type of translation is very exact and must have no ambiguity. For this reason, legal Russian translations should be checked by a lawyer. To enable us to offer this service, one of our editors has a PhD in Law in addition to his translation language degree. We are also able to arrange for the certification of translated documents by a Russian notary, if required.

Literary Russian translation

Literary translation has, since antiquity, been the lifeblood of international intellectual and cultural development. Literary Russian translation requires very a specialist knowledge and focus on textual style. Our translators are able to carry out the translation of books, monographs, articles on your behalf. The cost of literary Russian translation through Alba includes professional text editing. As a result, you will receive the text ready for publication.

Website translation

The translation of text for websites has its own peculiarities. First of all, internet sites need to be optimised for search engines, i.e. to have a high percentage of key words. Secondly the style of text needs to present your information clearly and concisely and in an interesting manner. We therefore aim to use native speakers for the translation of Russian web text into foreign languages.

Text layout and formatting

The layout and formatting of translated text in an equivalent manner to the original and its preparation for printing is performed by a professional designer in cooperation with the translators who carried out the translation. As a result, your translated text will be supplied laid out ready for printing, as a replica of the original text. We are also able to arrange printing services, i.e. you may order as many printed copies of your translated document as you require. Long cooperation with the large printing houses in Nizhny Novgorod enables us to negotiate extremely competitive rates for your printing needs. The transfer of images into the translated text is already included into the translation cost. If the documents to be translated are formatted in InDesign or AutoCAD, the cost of the necessary additional layout services will be added to the translation price of your document. The printing cost depends on the number of copies and, in all cases will be detailed separately.

Review against the original

Reviewing of a translation carried out by another translating bureau against the original (for example, for its notary certification) is quoted at 50% of the translation price. Reviewing of translations can be carried out either by a translator or a specialist in the particular subject of the text. Payment will be required for reviewing services if you apply for certification of the work done by another translating bureau.

Translation editing and proofreading

In the majority of cases, technical editing is already included in the translation price. However, additional technical editing may be required in the case of very specialist texts in more esoteric subjects (nuclear physics, genetic engineering, relativity theory, etc.). The necessity for such additional editing will always be discussed with you beforehand. This means that the price quoted for you before the translation starts really is the price you will finally be asked to pay.

Proofreading of a Russian translation is required in cases where the work is being prepared for publishing. The proofreader's obligations include a stylistic and spelling check of the text in compliance with the current norms of the Russian language, together with the checking of dates and proper names.