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The extensive expertise of our agency is the result of wide experience of our employees. Alba has worked in the translation industry for more than 10 years and we have accumulated vast experience in implementing translation projects of varying degrees of complexity, in different language combinations and thematic areas.


The use of appropriate software allows us to automate routine operations to decrease the chance of human error. In this section the types of specialized software that we use in our work, are listed.

Fields of Expertise

Over the years we have had to deal with text from very different thematic areas. When assigning orders to specialists, we take into account their proficiency in such areas. Once completed, the translated text is further checked by a qualified editor. Using such a professional approach means that we can guarantee both the high-quality and timeliness of the work undertaken. In this section we have collated information on the specifics of different thematic areas that we can cover.


Many people assume that with the level of artificial intelligence available today, ‘machine translation’ will provide them with appropriate results. This is simply not the case, as any test will show! The nuances of language are often very subtle, meaning that, even if the words suggested are equivalent, the meaning may be distorted and your message unclear. In business, in particular, this can have a negative impact on how the reader perceives your company. That is why the interlinguistic and intercultural communication is best undertaken using the services of a professional translator or interpreter. Even the most advanced systems of machine translation are still not capable of the quality and targeted emphasis possible with a trained professional. The pages of this section of the website provide much useful information about each of the languages with which our translation agency works.