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Desktop publishing of translated text

When the original materials for translation are supplied in an electronic format other than Microsoft Word and the customer needs to receive the translated text in a format which exactly matches the original format additional text layout and/or design will be needed. As a rule, original formatting and the translation of text within graphic objects (charts, schemes, drawings, etc.) is included in the basic cost of the translation. However, to supply the translated text in a more sophisticated layout or design in professional software such as Adobe InDesign, AutoCAD, CorelDraw and others will entail an additional fee.

In this case the text layout and identical formatting together with any necessary preparation for printing (prepress) will be performed by a professional designer in cooperation with the translator(s) who carried out the translation. The result will be a translated text laid-out as an exact replica of the original text and ready for printing. The translation and its layout will thus reflect all the details (symbols, size, colour, etc) and all features of the original graphic objects (location, proportion and size; text within illustrations etc.).

In particular this service will be needed for:
- translation of AutoCAD drawings;
- preparation of the translation text for printing in a publishing house (pre-print preparation);
- ensuring the maximum equivalence between the translation text and the original;
- where both the original text and the translation text need to be placed on one page, etc.

The Alba agency is able to provide a translation text layout in virtually any format (CDR, EPS, PDF, HTML, AutoCAD, InDesign, etc.). The original may be submitted in either electronic format or paper.

Layout work will only start after the final translation text has been accepted by the customer.

Unlike layout replication, translation design is a creative process where there is no original layout to copy (e.g., the design of an advertising booklet for a foreign partner where this might contain translated text and corporate images).

We are also able to arrange printing services, i.e. you may request a specific number of printed copies of your translated text. Our long-standing cooperation with large printing houses in Nizhny Novgorod allows us to offer you especially competitive prices for this The actual printing cost depends on the number of copies required and will be agreed individually in each case.