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English into Russian website translation

Now international corporate standards require that the company website be translated to the languages of the countries where it operates. It should be remembered that in some countries there are two or more state languages. Companies' website are most commonly translated into Russian from English, German and French languages.

English into Russian website translation (or website localization) is a variant of written translation with some particularities.

First, the website text is the company business card. Therefore, stringent requirements are set forth to the website translation quality and style. Lest the website translation affront the eye of your future foreign partners, we are ready to involve native speakers, i.e. people for whom the Russian language is native.

Second, the website translation should be adapted as per its content to the particularities of the Russian culture. Here are only a few of the problems encountered: date and time formats, listing in alphabetical order, use of various measurement systems, etc.

Third, in addition to the main text the website has various information elements (page headers, menu, embedded text files, internal links and website code and meta tags invisible for a website user). While translating the website one should consider the requirements for a proper text placement on computer screen (e.g., maximum number of symbols in one menu line). The English into Russian website translation should be laid out in such a way that it could be easily perceived and understood. Besides, it should have laconic brevity and certain expressiveness.

Finally, to recoup your investment, your website should be optimized for search systems, i.e. contain a certain percentage of key words. The site search optimization requires meticulous selection of terms, control over key word frequency in the site translation text. We give due consideration to this requirement in our work and finally you will get translated website pages which will attract precious potential clients.

We will then endeavor to develop and implement for you a comprehensive set of translation and localization services into Russian, including the hosting of translated website pages. All you need to do is to send us a link to the website which should be translated.