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Translation of PDF files

PDF is an openPostScript format developed by Adobe Systems to display electronic documents. PDF files include everything necessary to display a document: fonts, vector and raster images, forms, electronic signature mechanism, and even audio or video.

Translation of PDF files in an editor

PDF files can be edited directly, but as this format is designed to view and not to edit files, the choice of software is limited. You can directly edit PDF files in Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft Word (version 2013 and above), OpenOffice Writer. In 2017, the PDF editing option was added to the Russian ABBYY FineReader program designed to recognize and convert PDF files into other formats. Naturally, if the text forms part of a raster image, it is not possible to edit it without the use of optical text recognition software.

Translation of PDF files using CAT tools

The perfect choice will be to edit a file in the format in which it was originally created (Adobe InDesign, FrameMaker, Microsoft Word, etc.) with further export of the translated file to the PDF format. This approach allows to get a print-ready document with the least amount of time spent on optical recognition or manual formatting.

ALBA Translation Agency has extensive experience of working with PDF files. Our specialists can organize a work process on each job in the most optimal and therefore cost-effective manner for our customers.