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Translation of LaTeX files

LaTeX is a document preparation system. As opposed to the WYSIWYG (“what you see is what you get”) word processors like Adobe FrameMaker, content is separated from presentation, so that authors create a structured text document, which is formatted according to the defined styles.

A LaTeX document consists of two main pieces, the preamble and the body. The preamble to a LaTeX document can contain information about document class, packages used, author, date and title. The body is where all the text and commands is placed. An example below shows a sample code and its visual output.

latex 1latex 2

Translation of TEX files using a text editor

TEX files can be edited and translated in any text editor. However, when working with TEX files in a text editor, there is a risk to damage the document structure or to leave untranslated text requiring localization, so this method is rarely used in practice.

There are many tools available to handle TEX documents:

  • Text editors with LaTeX support (Emacs, vim, geany, Eclipse, Notepad++, TextMate, Sublime Text , etc.)
  • Special LaTeX editors (TeXstudio, Texmaker, gummi, Kile, TexShop, TeXnicCenter, WinEdt, etc.)
  • Visual LaTeX editors (LyX, TeXmacs and BaKoMa TeX Word)
  • Online LaTeX editors (ShareLaTeX, LaTeX Lab, writeLaTeX, Papeeria, Verboses, etc.)
  • Tools for automatic report generation (Sweave, knitr).

Translation of TEX files using CAT tools

TEX format is supported by some of the modern CAT tools like OmegaT. In other CAT tools it is usually possible import TEX files as text documents and convert commands into tags using regular expressions.


latex 3

SDL Trados Studio

latex 4

ALBA Translation Agency has extensive experience of working with TEX files. Our project managers can organize a workflow on each job in a way that is the most optimal and therefore cost-effective for our customers.