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Translation of HTML files

HTML is a standard hypertext markup language, the interpretation of which results in a formatted text displayed by the browser. The HTML language was created between 1986 and 1991 in the European Organization for Nuclear Research to share scientific and technical documentation. Later, HTML was supplemented by support of hyperlinks and multimedia.

The basic concept of the logical structure of the HTML format is an ‘element.’ Elements are delimited by start and end tags. Elements can be embedded in each other, forming a tree-like structure. Elements contain attributes with quoted values.

Example document marked up with HTML:


Translation of HTML files in a text editor

HTML files can be edited and translated in any text editor. However, when working with HTML files in a text editor, there is a risk to damage the document structure, so this method is rarely used in practice.

Translation of HTML files in a visual editor

HTML files can be edited with most commonly used visual editors (Microsoft Word, OpenOffice), as well as editors specifically created to develop HTML pages (such as Adobe Dreamweaver, TinyMCE, etc.). The disadvantages of using visual editors is that formatting may be distorted by an incautious user or that ‘unnecessary’ markup tags may be added by the software (‘trash’ in HTML code).

Translation of HTML files using translation memory systems

HTML is supported by most modern translation memory systems. HTML was originally designed to allow the document to be displayed on different devices without any distortion, so in most cases documents do not require manual desktop publishing after being downloaded from the CAT tool.

ALBA Translation Agency has extensive experience of working with HTML files. Our specialists can organize a work process on each job in the most optimal and therefore cost-effective manner for our customers.